Health care costs are significant portion of any countries annual budget. Health care costs are increasing putting a strain on countries budget and affecting quality of care. At Cottage Ventures, We help hospitals and clinics adopt a eHealth platform by providing our expertise and domain knowledge.We assist our clients and help them understand latest technological trends, regulatory compliance in order to run their health care set-up efficiently. We provide a roadmap on how to provide a quality and affordable health while reducing the healthcare costs. While working on several healthcare initiatives we have identified that significant amount of money is spent in managing day to day healthcare operations, test duplication, legacy systems that cannot be scaled. Based on our experience we have found that by leveraging technology and cloud and open source model we can definitely reduce the operations costs significantly and improve the quality of care, accountably and privacy.
Our experts work with healthcare providers and care givers to understand their constraints and create a complete blueprint on eHealth solution that is in-line with their objective and budget.
Our eHealth solution Support doctors, nurses and other care givers with integrated clinical information to facilitate effective clinical decision making

  • Improve quality and safety of patient care delivery with timely and complete clinical information
  • Access to information in real time
  • Support Administration and Management tasks
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Auditing

We offer customization of Electronic Medical Records (E.M.R), Electronic Health Record (E.H.R)
We provide Integration with third party Laboratory and diagnostic centres
We offer secure data exchange between the healthcare providers which are HIPAA/HL7 compliant
We Provide Health System Software integration with medical devices and embedded medical systems
Our eHealth Solutions provide return on investment on Technology.