Health Care:

Public Sector:

  • Assist federal, provincial government healthcare organizations renew existing systems, build new features, adapt to new technology to become more interconnected, smart and agile.
  • British Columbia Ministry Of Health, Canada
  • ObamaCare, Department Of Health and Human Services, Oregon, USA
  • ObamaCare, Department Of Health and Human Services, Maryland, USA

Private Sector:

  • BioMark Diagnostics Inc. USA
  • KKT Global Spine centers
  • ATF Health, Canada

IT Sector:

  • Oracle
  • CGI, Canada
  • IDAM Group, USA
  • Lucent Technology, Canada
  • Crescent Solutions, USA


  • Dubai Ports World, Canada


  • Alberta Blue Cross

Packaged Goods / Consumer Sector:

  • Best Buy, Canada
  • Kraft Foods, Canada
  • Fusepoint Managed Services, Canada


  • Bell, Canada
  • Virtual Voice, Canada

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